Why My Kids Academy


  • State-of-the-art building specially designed with the highest quality standards surpassing basic guidelines and regulations.
  • Staff-child ratios in accordance with quality standards provided by APPLE (Accredited Professional Preschool Learning), which in most cases are better than those specified by the Department of Children and Family.
  • Programs based on the FrogStreet Curriculum which is committed to creating high-quality and developmentally appropriate learning materials that allow teachers to easily facilitate a creative, integrated, hands-on learning experience for the whole child.
  • Special focus on safety with the use of fingerprint security system for the release of children, security cameras throughout the center and immediate access to telephones/intercoms in each classroom.
  • Exceptional outdoor play areas specifically designed for each age group providing multiple opportunities for the development of various physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills.
  • A large great room specially designed with state-of-the-art equipment to hold special activities, enrichment classes, and family events.
  • Separate computer room with the latest software and devices to stimulate creativity and promote the use of fun educational tools.
  • In-house library with a comforting environment and a large variety of age-appropriate books to promote the love of reading not only at school but also at home by using the book lending system.
  • Only preschool in the county that incorporates Yamaha Music Education System into its program for children 3+ and the ABC Music and Me program for younger children.
  • High quality, balanced and healthy meals and snacks provided throughout the day to children attending all of our programs.
  • Highly experienced family-owned business with the utmost goal of
    providing the best possible learning environment for our children.
  • KidReports is an online service designed and developed with the help of child care center owners and teachers to increase and optimize the communication between child care providers and parents. Teachers love how simple KidReports is to use, and parents love the real-time updates on their children!